Broward College

Broward Up


Scope of Work

Lead the outreach, education, and recruitment efforts for Broward College’s new movement “Broward Up – Unlimited Possibilities”. Broward Up focuses on six zip codes in Broward County with high concentrations of minority populations. We are conducted market research including focus groups, surveys, and stakeholder interviews with potential students, current students, workforce partners, and local businesses. The data will allow Broward College to create outreach, educational (what is Broward Up and what Broward College has to offer), and recruitment strategies that will be effective in engaging the target audiences. To reach potential students, we collaborated with community partners such as the Urban League, YMCA, OIC, Boys & Girls Club, and Housing Authorities. In addition, we used a grassroots approach including outreach to churches, civic groups, door-to-door canvassing, call campaigns, geo/demo targeted social media ad campaigns, and more.


10 focus groups were conducted. In addition to the focus groups, The Mosaic Group conducted a survey to gather additional data and insights. Over 175 surveys from grassroots efforts in the 33313 and 33311 zip codes were completed. Broward College was provided with a detailed report of the focus group and survey results along with recommendations from our team.