The Mosaic Group is a full service marketing, public relations, events management, and government relations firm that employ experienced specialists to make any event, campaign and community involvement effort successful.  Our clients are organizations that are interested in diversification, increasing their visibility in the community and developing mass marketing opportunities.

We have more than 60 years of combined marketing experience, including multi-media management, advertising, creative design, public relations, and event management.  Our expertise with diverse markets gives our clients access to the important Hispanic, African-American and Caribbean consumer with the right media and the right message.   We provide our clients with the opportunity to increase their equity and leverage in the community while servicing internal company needs.

What separates us from our competition is simple: we provide the total solution, a one-stop-shopping experience.  We advise, direct, consult, plan, manage, organize, create, and coordinate.  We make it all happen – the way our clients want it to happen – efficiently, effectively and successfully.  

Business Administration Management (BAM) / Marketing-Public Relations (MPR) Internship program

The Mosaic Group offers internships in the areas of Business Administration and Management (BAM) and Marketing and Public Relations (MPR).  BAM and MPR Interns shadow our company managers to understand how to manage people and resources competently in order to steer the activities of the company towards common goals.

The BAM Intern will be expected to focus on marketing, finances, accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship, and other accompanying functions in addition to the day-to-day working.

The MPR Intern will be expected to focus on all marketing functions including marketing plan development, collateral materials, media relations, advertising, public awareness campaign development, marketing budgets, project management and other accompanying functions.

The BAM and MPR Intern possess excellent organizational skills and leadership qualities.  He/she must think commercially and be business-oriented.  The BAM/MPR Intern is enthusiastic about the challenges of the job and is motivated by a genuine and natural expression to transform the health and vitality of all people.

MOSAIC’S MISSION is to provide our clients with the highest quality of customer care, imaginative and innovative solutions, competitive pricing, and unmatched professional service. 


  • Shadows all inventory, financial, staffing, purchasing, human resources, scheduling, and event planning functions pertaining to the business.
  • Business Development: Work with Senior Management in creation of development proposals including research, technical writing/editing, and administrative, graphics, and production support
  • Business Development: Track Leads/Opportunities and assist with follow-up
  • Gains an understanding of how we ensure financial targets of the company are reached.
  • Assists with planning various business activities and brainstorms ways to execute them.
  • Learns to address customer matters and complaints that are not in alignment with our commitment.
  • Communicates to Supervisor or takes other appropriate actions if there are breakdowns in communication that requires authority.
  • Operates with integrity and follows all assigned tasks through to completion.


  • Responsible for multiple aspects of marketing client’s products, services and/or fundraising efforts including: promotional materials, public presentations, advertising techniques, and fundraising activities.
  • Develop written and website-based promotional materials
  • Develop and implement specific approaches to marketing products, services and special events with an emphasis on client outreach
  • Provide public presentations to individuals and groups including MOSAIC clients, groups, community conferences, and other venues.
  • Develop and implement materials and marketing methods for special fundraising
  • events and capital campaigns (Nonprofit clients only)


  • Write and edit copy for internal publications, brochures, digital and advertising needs
  • Assist with media relations: write and distribute news releases, follow-up with key media, prepare background information, prepare staff for media interviews, provide patient condition updates, maintain media lists and editorial calendars, and assist staff with interview process.
  • Contribute to the team’s social media efforts including writing content for the interactive newsroom, Twitter and Facebook, and creating           content for YouTube.
  • Provide support and coordination for special events and meetings sponsored by Mosaic’s health care clients.


  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Strong research skills
  • Ability to work independently and complete assigned tasks within identified timeframes
  • Basic Desktop Publishing and Website Management skills (e.g.: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PageMaker / Photoshop, etc.)
  • Positive attitude, flexibility and problem solving mentality.
  • Willingness to provide public presentations in a variety of settings
  • Desire to work in a setting with a wide range of individuals and clients with diverse needs.
  • Should be able to prioritize and multitask successfully — There are many aspects to running a business and it is imperative that the priorities are set and is clear, and that the Intern is able to execute them efficiently.
  • Business Interns maintain the high level of integrity necessary to fulfill our mission and vision.
  • Business Interns are great with people and are able to create relatedness with our customers and clients.
  • Business Interns have great problem solving abilities.


Following is a list of the Technology Requirements of the position:

  • E-mail (for communicating with other employees, customers, and clients)
  • Facebook (for interacting with customers on Mosaic’s Page)
  • LinkedIn (for interacting with customers on Mosaic’s Page and connecting with potential leads)
  • Google Docs (for organizing tasks and information)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign


Interns will be required to use a computer, be in communication with Mosaic Staff, and complete weekly reviews with your Mosaic Supervisor as required by your schools Internship course.


All Mosaic Staff Members/Interns are required to attend a weekly staff meeting as part of his/her internship.  Staff meetings are held every Monday at 9:00am


The Intern will be required to communicate with the following:

  • President & CEO, Ann Marie Sorrell
  • Other employees
  • Potential clients and vendors
  • The general public


  • Internships are unpaid positions; however, may be worth credit hours through your college or university programs.
  • All Interns can attend networking and events coordinated by or affiliated with Mosaic at no charge
  • Interns will be reimbursed for travel related to Mosaic business affairs 


Various / Minimum of 15 hours/week


The Mosaic Group
2930 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste 207 | West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Living/Travel Arrangement

Intern will be responsible to get to and from the internship location.  If the intern does not have a vehicle, public transportation is available.  The intern may be transported by Mosaic staff if available.  The Intern is responsible for coordinating and securing his/her living arrangements.

Contact Person(S)

Ann Marie Sorrell, President & CEO
Phone: (561) 651.9565, Fax: (866) 711.0987